Door Knobs

Choosing door hardware is never an easy process and in spite of the wide choices available worldwide, many designs can appear very similar.

At Collier Webb, we have selected the best of the antique patterns from our archive and added some new designs inspired by more contemporary shapes and references. We like to think that our collection is more varied and individual than most you will find.

Of course, if you cannot find your ideal hardware, we are happy to offer our bespoke design and production services to help you.

Our hardware is cast in brass in-house at our UK foundry and hand finished in our workshops.

Apart from our large centre knobs, handles are usually made with turning mechanisms but they can be fixed as well, if required.

Wherever possible, we try to make the handles’ door fixings invisible but some period design back plates will have visible screws in the rose. They are all supplied with spindles and fixing screws which are colour matched where necessary. Prices shown are retail.