Brass Picture Rail - 38mm / 1 1/2"

We produce a range of brass picture rails, including the most popular diameter of 38 mm or 1 1/2″ diameter.  We also offer 25mm or 1″, 51mm or 2″ diameter, 63mm or 2 1/2″ and 76mm or 3″ diameter. Other custom sizes are available on request.

We produce a wide choice of finials for all sizes of rail. Most of our exterior finishes can be ordered, subject to the length required.

Please enquire for quotations of rails, stating lengths, choice of diameter and preferred finish.  Lengths shorter than 1 metre will be rounded up to the 1 metre price. Thereafter, longer lengths are priced proportionately – i.e. 1.6 metres will be the 1 metre price x 1.6.