Brass Curtain Rail 63mm

You can order here cut lengths of 63mm / 2½″ diameter brass curtain rails or poles, thick walled and suitable for hanging drapery and curtains.

Shown here in Antique Gilt Lacquer with an optional finial but you can choose any of our other finishes. You can order single lengths of up to 12 ft or 3650 mm and they are priced per metre/3 feet. We supply cut to exact required length or oversized if you need flexibility on site.

Please check our bracket, ring and finial ranges for other options.

For reasons of safe handling, transportation and limits of electro-plating tank sizes, we may add an internally reinforced join on longer rails which we position behind a bracket mount.


Standard rail price shown is per metre/yard in unpolished brass and lengths shorter than 1 metre will be rounded up to the 1 metre price. Thereafter, longer lengths are priced proportionately – i.e. 1.65 metres will be the 1 metre price x 1.65.

You can buy other finishes at the following prices:

Antique or Polished Brass, Dark or Antique  Bronze, Copper, Antique Gilt, or Verdigris are £140 per metre.
Gilt, Chrome, Satin , Polished Nickel or Antique Silver are £160 per metre.