Brass Brackets for 51mm Curtain Rails

Here you can choose from our range of Brass Brackets for 51mm Curtain Rails or 2″ poles.

We offer a wide choice of end and centre brackets, with standard projection of 34mm, extended of  57mm or adjustable from 100 to 130mm. There are two types of recess bracket on offer, one featuring a screw-on sleeve for easy assembly on site.

Also available is the popular pass-over bracket to be used with our specially designed open ring which slides over the bracket arm for easy drawing on longer poles.

Quantities: In typical applications, it is generally recommended that between the end brackets, there are support brackets at around 120cms/4ft intervals.

If you need a bracket not shown, we can make bespoke pieces at our Eastbourne foundry. Please enquire for more details.

Brackets are available in all of our twelve finishes – just click on the type of your choice to access the details.