brass finials

Could it simply be a curious coincidence that pineal (adj. resembling a pine cone) rhymes with finial?

We don’t have the answer to that but for a broad¬†choice of brass finials from 20mm to 200mm high,¬†you need look no further. Not just traditional pineal designs, either.

You can order Flame, Urn, Artichoke, Onion, Ball, Swirl, Pumpkin, Berry, Lancer and many other choices of styles in any of our 12 beautiful finishes.

Finials for Poles, Rails, Furniture and Cabinetry, Clocks, Staircases are all here and if you can’t find what you need, please contact us for custom design options.

Now, just one more finial rhyme and we can finish our limerick.

‘A designer was choosing a finial,
and preferred something other than pineal ……