Flower design chains

Nowhere will you find such a varied choice of brass hanging chains in one place. Whether plain oval, octagonal or beautifully cast decorative chains like the one shown here, we have a wide range of designs and sizes to suit almost any installation.

If you want to hang chandeliers, plafonniers, pictures or just about anything in a period or stylish setting, take a look at our decorative brass chandelier chains

All the decorative chains are cast and hand-crafted in our UK foundry. Also don’t forget to take a look at our decorative brass ceiling roses and canopies.

For accuracy, our castings are all moulded from original antique pieces which can be coloured in any of our twelve finishes or custom coloured to match.

If suspending loads of more than 15kgs/30lbs using decorative cast chain, the preferred safety option is to add a discreet and thin reinforcing steel cable through or alongside the links. We supply this with the suitable fixings for easy on-site installation. Please contact us for details of safe working loads and other installation options.

For heavy loads without extra support, we recommend using either our heavy duty solid brass welded chains or brass coloured steel welded chains.

Please also see our range of picture hanging chain which is made to a traditional teardrop design with vintage and antique tooling.

Trade prices are shown throughout the site and please enquire regarding further discount availability for large orders.