Film, Stage & TV set props

With the advent of ultra high definition and 4K resolution cinema, there has been a dramatic increase in the need for genuine items to be used for props and set dressings for stage, TV and film. The subtle textures, reflections and patinas of real metal objects are now being more accurately captured than ever before and the new resolutions can often expose the use synthetic surfaces.

In the recent years, we have supplied period lighting, door hardware and other brass bespoke pieces for many major movies, both here and in the US. The 2012 production of Anna Karenina has received many awards and nominations for set and production design and we were pleased to have produced a large number of ceiling and wall lighting pieces, as well as door and window furniture for the theatre and hotel scenes.

Based just 2 hours from London and with an understanding of the tight schedules required in this business, we aim to manufacture our own products or custom items from drawings or patterns to a high standard in as short a time as possible.