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Custom design

Our casting design services cover architectural brassware, lightingdoor furniturefurniture mounts, curtain poles, brackets and more. If you have a design in mind, even if it is just a rough sketch, we can help you to see your project through to the finished product. We will advise on the best processes and help with the design if necessary –  problem solving and attention to detail are our specialities.

If a pattern or the original is not available to copy, we can produce a high quality example from a photograph or drawing. We appreciate the exclusivity of client’s projects and deal with each in absolute confidence.

Pattern Making for Casting

Bunny Patterns in clay

Our pattern making services can offer the skills of our own pattern maker who is a master at detailed and intricate wood and pewter carving. Alternatively, if the project requires it, we can sculpt your design using  3D CAD software and print the pattern in resin. This means that if an original is not available to copy, we can produce an accurate copy from a photograph or drawing.

From this we mould and cast in a variety of metals which can be fettled, linished, polished and patinated to the finish of your choice. (Please see our specialist finishes and electroplating services). The finished bronze castings of the hare patterns above are shown in the casting section.

Alternatively, you can view our own range of products because we may already manufacture a design which is similar to your concept . Please feel free to contact us for more information on our pattern making services and to discuss your project, however large or small.